3 Reasons You Should Use an Online Divorce Platform Instead of Taking the Traditional Route

Divorce is never a moment in life that individuals looks forward to. But for a variety of reasons, you may have found yourself in a situation where it’s the best option for your assets and your children. In such cases, an online divorce might be the right option for you.

Traditionally, the divorce process can be costly, confusing and time-intensive on both parties. Many individuals believe that an attorney must be involved, but this is actually not true for uncontested divorces.

New online services like One Stop Divorce are able to cut through the confusion and costs surrounding legal divorces by eliminating the need for an expensive lawyer and simplifying the form submission process.

Though they do not replace the services of a licensed attorney, One Stop Divorce can be a valuable asset during a troubling time in your life. These are just a few of the reasons you may consider turning to One Stop Divorce if you find yourself working through an uncontested divorce:


Reason #1: No-Hassle Form Completion

After signing up for an account and completing a qualification interview, the One Stop Divorce team will provide you with all of the appropriate paperwork needed to file a divorce in your state and local jurisdiction. These forms are always up to date and appropriate in all 50 states, ensuring that your fillings won’t be lost or ignored during the bureaucratic process.

Filling out divorce forms can be a challenge on your own. That’s why the One Stop Divorce team supplements their paperwork process with personalized assistance. These can make it easy to gather together and process the proper documents when it is time to complete the divorce process.


Reason #2: No Need for an Attorney

Uncontested divorces are intentionally marked by full agreement of terms by both involved parties, so there’s no need to get an attorney involved if you can avoid it. One Stop Divorce’s team members are not attorneys and will not charge you the exorbitant per-hour rates often pushed by lawyers.

To this end, the One Stop Divorce team does not provide you with certified legal advice. Instead, they provide knowledgeable assistance that can empower you as an individual to work through the divorce filing process on your own terms.


Reason #3: A Court Approval Guarantee

The team at One Stop Divorce knows that the difficulties of a divorce filing don’t always go as expected. As part of their Court Approval Guarantee,” One Stop Divorce ensures that their guidance will result in a seamless form submission process.

Online divorce is the new solution for parties involved in uncontested divorces. Contact the One Stop Divorce team today to learn more!

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