Average Cost of a Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is one where you and your spouse both agree on how you plan to separate your assets. Average costs have a lot of variables: the state you live in, if you have any children, and the number of assets you are splitting up. Although having an uncontested divorce can save you a lot of money, a divorce can still come at a high cost.


Using an Attorney

Attorneys can be a great help when it comes to a divorce, but they all cost a different amount. Some may choose to use a flat rate which can range from $200-$1500. Some may also add on retainer fees, which charges you by the hour that they invest in your case. Every attorney charges a different amount based on where they are located. Those in a more rural area have an estimated cost of about $250 per hour. In a more urban area, they can charge upward of $450 an hour.


The Hidden Extra Fees

When you take your divorce to your state’s court, there are some fees associated with it. State courts will charge a filing fee, which costs around $200. If you and your spouse use a third party to deliver papers to one another, you are looking at paying another $35 to $100.


One Stop Divorce

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