How to Get a Divorce Without Going into Debt

Divorce is an expensive process that taxes both your emotions and your wallet. Between the court filing fees, attorney fees and the time spent away from work completing forms, the costs of traditionally filing for divorce can feel nearly unavoidable.

For many couples, unhappy or unproductive marriages are perpetuated because there is a perception that legal divorce is more expensive than either party can afford. But as it turns out, there is an innovative new way to file for a divorce without going into debt: online divorce.


Eliminate Unnecessary Middlemen

Online divorce is a unique new route for filing for divorce that is not only streamlined but also exceptionally affordable. Online services like One Stop Divorce have revolutionized the divorce filing industry by cutting down on the time and money spent as you work through an uncontested divorce.

First and foremost, One Stop Divorce cuts out the largest and most expensive middlemen in the entire divorce process – the attorneys. As it turns out, you can file for an uncontested divorce without an attorney at all…and in doing so, you save on their exorbitant retainer fees!

Note: The professionals at One Stop Divorce are not attorneys and therefore cannot provide legal advice. However, they are professionals who can provide you with the assistance needed to complete your legal, uncontested divorce paperwork on your own terms.

The One Stop Divorce team provides unique forms for all 50 states and many local jurisdictions, so you can always be sure that their assistance is relevant to your individual needs.


Secure Networks & No Hidden Fees

With Norton and web host-specific security, you can be sure that all conversations and monetary transactions you make on One Stop Divorce’s site will be encrypted with industry-standard protocols.

From your initial account creation to the day your uncontested divorce is certified by a judge, One Stop Divorce charges a single flat rate that is free of hidden costs. In total, the online service charges a fair fee of $299.

The flat-rate fee even comes with their “Court Approval Guarantee” which stipulates that the One Stop Divorce team will work with you to revise any divorce paperwork or else they will refund you.

Plus, the team prides itself in quick turnarounds, so if you supply all the required information in a timely manner, applicable papers will be prepared in approximately two working days.

While a divorce is never a desirable situation, it’s good to know that affordable options like One Stop Divorce are available to help streamline your form submissions and provide you with assistance as you proceed through a challenging — but important — step in your life.

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