Obtaining an Online Divorce in 3 Simple Steps

Filing for a divorce is never a process a married individual looks forward to. But even so, divorce is sometimes a necessary facet of life that must be completed respectfully and responsibly. Unfortunately, this process has generally been expensive and time-consuming for both parties…that is, until online divorce service hit the scene.

Online divorce service providers like One Stop Divorce have pioneered a new, legal method for filing a certified divorce with your local court system. Online divorce is far more affordable for individuals seeking an uncontested divorce, and as shown below, such servicers require only three primary steps:


Step #1 – Determine If Your Divorce Is Uncontested

First and foremost, online divorce services are only designed to handle uncontested divorces exclusively. In other words, you and your spouse must be in full agreement regarding all terms of asset division, including the following:


  • Custody
  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • Debt
  • Wealth


Before initiating an online divorce, be sure that you can legally establish such an agreement between your spouse and yourself. Without doing so, you may run into trouble when it comes time to file with your local court.


Step #2 – Fill Out All Appropriate Paperwork

This is where online divorce services really shine. Rather than requiring hours of time spent with an expensive attorney, online divorce services provide you with all of the paperwork needed to file for a divorce in your state and local jurisdiction. You’ll be able to fill in all the appropriate paperwork on your own time without spending extra money.


One Stop Divorce also provides internal assistance to help navigate more complex bureaucratic paperwork (Note: we cannot offer legal advice). This can really empower individuals to seek divorce-filing assistance without worrying about incurring a pricy bill.


Step #3 – Serve the Divorce and Complete Necessary Court Filings

Finally, we will help you serve your spouse with the divorce filing in accordance with local and state laws. The final result: You download your completed divorce forms & filing instructions online from your computer or laptop — and after a few more clicks, you’re done!


Depending on you and your spouse’s plans post-divorce, you may choose to speak with an attorney at this point to determine if supplemental motions will be needed later on if the terms of the divorce change.


The Bottom Line

Overall, an online divorce is the clear and obvious solution for individuals looking to complete this complex process without getting bogged down in paperwork and auxiliary costs.


One Stop Divorce can really make a difference on this front, providing you a convenient and affordable solution to divorce that doesn’t add complication to an already-sensitive moment in your life. Contact us today!

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